Private Cancer Second Opinion

Getting a private second opinion is relatively easy, as there are many private hospitals who can arrange for you to see an Oncologist or surgeon.

The difficulty comes in finding the best second opinion; one that considers all the treatment options available both in your resident country and also internationally.

All treatments and options need to be considered, including clinical trials and, to some extent, experimental treatments.
cancer second opinion

Belgravia Oncology - London offers a bespoke second opinion service with some of the most prestigious Professors in London. Full details can be found on their website


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So where does Molecular Profiling fit in?

Molecular profiling is an important tool that Doctors can use when reviewing your case. It may identify new treatment options or exclude some treatments that are unlikely to work.

It is very important that the molecular profiling is carried out by an experienced company who have developed strong relationships with the medical community they serve.

It is vitally important that the doctor ordering the tests links in with the company to ensure the interpretation of the results is sound.

Some centres will also discuss your case in a molecular MDT. These specialist multi-disciplinary meetings bring together very experienced Professors who will look over your case in great detail.


Belgravia Second Opinion
Belgravia Oncology - London offer a private second opinion service that we believe is second to none.

You will see one of the top Professors in Oncology who will spend as much time with you as necessary, so you will leave the consultation having been able to ask the questions you needed to.

You will also walk away with a bespoke medical pack detailing all the clinical trials and medical evidence that has been considered prior to your consultation.

If you are interested in getting a second opinion from Belgravia Oncology, then please call them on the on-call mobile to speak to a healthcare professional today. For more information please visit their website.
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