What is Molecular Profiling?

Molecular profiling is a technique that allows the identification of biomarkers, on or in the cancerous cells. The laboratory will need a tissue sample of the tumour. The immunohistochemistry report (biomarkers) specific to the type of cancer the patient has, will show the Oncologist what treatment are likely to be effective.

Conventional cancer treatments are based on protocols specific to tumour type. With the advances in our scientific knowledge of cancer we are now realising that the cancers have many sub divisions. For example there are at least 130 types or sub types of brain cancer and the continuing research is likely to identify more.

Molecular profiling gives the Oncologists a deeper insight to the subcellular makeup of the cancer so that treatments can be more targeted.

Molecular profiling results are extremely complex and need to be used in hand with a deep understanding of cancer medicine. It is good practice for the results to be discussed in a molecular MDT where many experts will be able to evaluate the results.
Molecular profiling biomarkers

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